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SYNCA-SWING is an interactive, computer golf swing analyzer. It is designed to significantly improve the consistency of your golf swing by allowing you to analyze the timing of each swing and match or synchronize it to your "Best Personal Swing Timing". SYNCA-SWING is compact, lightweight, durable, and grips firmly to any club shaft with no interference. The advanced computer chip technology and built-in precision accelerometer senses, "Club Release" and "Ball Impact" with each swing. This "Timing" information is calculated and instantly displayed on the LCD panel as a number from 25-75 along with clubhead speed for that swing.

When you experience your best swing, you can program SYNCA-SWING with your "Best Personal Swing Timing" and compare each practice swing to that timing while monitoring clubhead speed with each swing. For the first time, there is no reason to practice those bad habits at the driving range or on the course. Practice only with your best swing to significantly improve your consistency. Timing is everything! The SYNCA-SWING will store up to 84 swings for subsequent downloading to your PC. This package comes with PC software and download cable and instructions for use and analysis. Typical swing acceleration or loading pattern and clubhead speed curves are shown as follows:

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Live Example

Gene Souers 2003 PGA Club Pro of the Year and Winner of the 2004 PGA Club Pro Championship.

I practiced with my Synca-Swing™ on the range after Saturday's round, and it gave me the confidence to go out and win the 2004 PGA Club Pro Championship on Sunday!". He is now competitive on the PGA Senior Tour.
Synca Swing - $129.95.

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