Comments From Indian & Asian Tour Players

The following comments are from India and Asian Tour players where FitChip was introduced to the Tour some years ago by Gurbaaz Mann a Tour Player that we fitted just prior to that when he was playing here in the USA.

Client Testimonials

It has made the game much easier for me to play. I can shape the ball better, I have exact yardages on all my clubs, and the ball flight is much more predictable.

- Ajeetesh Sandhu

(Asian Tour & P.G.T.I.)

The Process is one of a kind and it gives me confidence that the numbers don’t lie. I trust it.

-Sujjan Singh

(Asian Tour)

It is the most unique process. I am already a club longer on everything.

- Simi Mehra


Having always been a good ball striker, I never felt the need to be fit-out leave alone undergoing a process. But it works better than anything else. The biggest difference is that I am now able to hit my long irons high and straight and don't use my hybrids anymore.

- Ranjit Singh Rathore

(PGT of India)

I fought the hook with any driver I played. Now I can shape the ball any which way with confidence and best of all, I’m 20 yards longer off the tee.

- R. Murthy

(PGT of India)

From averaging 10 greens in regulation, to 14.

- Aditya Singh Chauhan

(P.G.T. of India)

Wow! Could this machine be the missing link in golf ?

- Peter Jacobson

PGA Tour

I can't stop hitting fairways! When can you do my Irons?

- Doug Martin

PGA Tour

Boy this thing really works.

- Arnold Palmer

Senior Tour

I could not do that with my other Driver" ( after hitting off the end of the driving range).

- Bobby Nichols

Senior Tour

You were right - I'm glad I came to see you.

- Mike Kaido

Nike Tour

I don't hit it to the right anymore - and I am longer.

- Dan Olson

Nike Tour

I just called to tell you I hit the 6th green today with my driver - 360 yards! I thought I could not get any more distance but I have picked up 40 yards.

- Bert Lecher

Long Drive Tour

I have shot 95 for 15 years. My first round with my fitted clubs was 76 and I haven't been higher than 82 since!

- Stan Edgel


Hi Lloyd,
Good to hear from you again. Yes, I wanted to share the "good news" with Rich. For the first time, I see actual gaps in my clubs and relatively consistent ball flight paths... recognizing that most of my stroke issues are exactly that... my stroke. I am pleased to have come across you via your website. I think I told you that I had figured out a club should flex and then be straight at impact in order to obtain maximum efficiency and effectiveness. To realize you had come to that conclusion many years ago and actually applied it to club fitting was fantastic. I could say I am a "believer"... but this isn't a matter of faith. It is evident that the laws of physics have been applied properly. The results speak for themselves.

I fit a golfer today that came from a fitting by Mizuno with their new on the club fitting system that tries to copy FitChip at a local golf course. He told me they told him he needed regular shafts. I suggested he try the FitChip to see if I agree. After 7 swings with his driver I downloaded to computer. All but two swings were covered by the average green dot, all the data added up to 172 except two were 171 and indicating a 288cpm shaft (a XX shaft). I installed a shaft in his driver and told him to go try it. He didn't believe anything I was telling him. He came back a couple hours later shaking his head saying I don't believe it. He was hitting the ball straight as an arrow and clearing the trees at 240 yds. He had hit here at this range before so knew how far he usually hit it. He normally, only hit to the trees. He was still thinking I put in a regular shaft. I explained what I did. Anyway he is bringing back his 3 wood tomorrow. I was laughing at his comments as he was telling me how great the shaft worked for him. I know he will send me more business.
I am getting a lot of referrals this week as the weather finally warmed up and the non-league golfers are getting out. One of the guys that was in, got matched up with 3 others for a foursome and all of the other 3 were hitting my FitChip Prescription shafts.

Hi Lloyd
Haven't contacted you lately mostly because my business died in Sept. It has been really slow. I did have a golf customer stop today and relayed a story I think you will be interested in. He had stopped at a store in Ann Arbor, Mi called Miles of Golf. They do instruction and fittings as well as sell a lot of clubs and new shafts. They have the latest equipment including the Trackman with heated outdoor Tee boxes for hitting. I had fit this golfer with a FitChip shaft. He is a scratch golfer with a 0 handicap. His cpm is 287. Anyway he noticed that two of his buddies were there checking out there fit chip shafts that I had installed and seen if they could get a better fit. He watched them get fitted. They are also low HC probably a 2 or 3. The fitter told them he couldn't fit them with a shaft any better than the Fitchip shaft they had. I thought that was quite a story coming from the largest fitting center in Michigan. Both of these guys are hitting shafts in the 280 cpm range. I also had a guy I fit last summer who had purchased a $450 shaft at the same place. He is now hitting a Fitchip shaft also.
PS You can see the Ann Arbor shop at MilesofGolf.com

I got a call today from my friend who plays the mini senior tours and lives in Phoenix. I talked to you last week because he was hitting his new Fitchip 286 cpm shaft straight but 20 yards shorter than his old shaft. He figured out how to hit it and has gained back his distance and is very pleased with it. He called me today because he has 3 other tour players who want to be fit. My question is do you have a set of instructions to send along with my Fitchip so that he can gather the data from his buddies swings. He thinks he can get me some business if I will send the FitChip to him. I guess I may have to look at purchasing another Fitchip from you. What does just the Fitchip cost minus the software? I hate to be without my fit chip while I am shipping it back and forth. If you do have some instructions on setting up the fit chip for a customer it would save me writing them up. This could result in something good if I could get some of these players interested. I took a count of how many shafts I have ordered since I started using the Fitchip, less then a year ago, and it is 198. I fit a golfer this week that went from a 260 shaft to a 216, and he increased his driver yardage 40 yards, his words not mine.

Hi Lloyd
Wanted to let you know that as the year has progressed, I only like the set of clubs you made for me more and more. The high light coming last week when they carried me to the CPGA supper senior Canadian championship and saw me come out the winner in a playoff. There is no question that I am hitting the driver farther [average of 250 to 265 yds] and yes they go straighter. Hope this finds you well and enjoying the summer.
Don Green, CPGA member

From a very prestigious ball striker we all know well.
Dear Lotus Golf
Because I am so consistent I have got the job of testing clubs for all the major golf club manufacturers. Because of that I was never fitted for what my best shaft stiffness should be. Of course it did not make a lot of difference because I never play golf courses for score only hit balls for testing the various golf club components and balls. However, during one of my test programs where Lotus golf, was involved with Tom Stites and Nicklaus Golf, I was fitted for the proper shaft. This occurred when I was testing a 260 CPM shaft/stiff and was hooking the shot on every swing (my consistency). The fitting with Lotus Golf's FitChip system said I needed a 221 CPM shaft/low Seniors. With This shaft I hit every shot absolutely straight and with 12% more distance.
I really liked the results and this would be the shaft I would choose to play if I ever got a chance to play a game of golf. The FitChip fitting system is something special to be able to pick the correct shaft for any swing but for now, I must go back to work hitting balls and testing more golf clubs, the curse of being so consistent.
Iron Byron