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The Perfected Golf Group, Ltd. (PGG) Golf Club Fitting at its Best is the Future, and is HERE NOW!

As a Club Fitter, you can purchase this system under several programs discussed on the "FitChip Accessories" Page of this site. Any purchase comes with a 30 day free trial period.

The PGG Golf Club Fitting System uses FitChip the latest in technology to provide the missing link to custom fit golf clubs. The clubhead speed and accuracy attributed to the golf club shaft is maximized when the golf shaft is straight, and the clubhead is square at ball impact. Clubhead speed can be increased by as much as 10% to 12%, but this can only occur when the club's natural frequency is timed properly with the individual's unique swing timing. A FitChip custom fit golf club is built with this critical frequency for each club in the set. This allows Lotus Golf or any ProGolf Fitting Center custom club builder to build a set of golf clubs matching those frequencies.

These clubs will them provide the customer with the peak performance parameters needed for them to achieve the optimum combination of clubhead speed and accuracy.

If you would like to experience the results produced by properly fitting your custom fit golf clubs before purchasing, go to "Sign Up" below. The FitChip will be mailed directly to you, with instructions enclosed, for your personal golf club fitting session. This golf club fitting session can be used in any ball striking condition you choose... on the course, on a driving range, or into a net.

The FitChip is placed on the club, 12" to 24" down the shaft from the butt end of the club. We have found that hitting and recording six to ten swings for each of four clubs is sufficient to establish a good average frequency number for your swing for a full set fitting. You will be able to select which swing(s) you want to record.

The FitChip golf club fitting system has been designed so that the numbers derived are independent of golf shaft stiffness in the test club and the location of ball impact on the clubface. If you are testing for a single club, a Driver, for example, then a Driver should be used during the fitting process. If you are testing for a full set of clubs, we recommend testing the one wood, five wood, hybrid , or three iron, whichever you regularly use, five iron and nine iron. After completing the golf club fitting session with the four clubs mentioned, simply return the FitChip to PGG for download and analysis of the data. We will then contact you with your Specifications from which you can build your club for testing.

FitChip Video Results

This following group of pictures displays frames from three videos that show the results of properly fitting a player for the golf shaft with the FitChip and the swing timing process used by PGG.

These three frames from a video of this player hitting three different stiffness/frequency shafts shows the value of fitting by swing timing. No other fitting system currently in use concerns itself with getting the shaft back to straight at impact. The club has its best combination of accuracy and clubhead speed when the shaft is back to straight.

When the head is lagging, the head is not up to full speed, and when it is leading, it is already losing speed as well as impact efficiency. Accuracy is also compromised when the shaft is not straight. We can send you a FitChip and fit you where ever you live.

FitChip Accessories

The new FitChip model is available in two variations.

FitChip Pro (club maker model) gives a recommended shaft frequency and the actual clubhead speed with each swing, download capability, and stores 84 swings and as many as five players and 40 swings per player. $695.00, includes the following items. Software Package, a FitChip Utility for downloading FitChip data to the PC. Stand-alone FitChip GSSSA computer program for analyzing the FitChip Data and download cable.

Perfected Golf Group Ltd

FitChip Loan Program

This program is basically a FitChip lease program. The FitChip records full swing data for as many as five players, as many as 40 swings per player but a maximum of 84 total swings. It gives a count of the swings made, no frequency recommendations or clubhead speeds. It includes download software and download cable to transfer data files directly to for analysis and recommendations. With each player fitting you will receive a typical swing profile for that player along with recommended club frequencies and average swing speeds. Cost — After the first month trial period, you will pay a $50/month lease fee. This payment will entitle you to 2 players free fitting analysis per month. All subsequent player fittings will be billed at $10 + $1 per swing. $25 of the monthly lease fee plus $2 for each fitting over two will be credited toward the future purchase price of the FitChip Pro Club Maker Program.

Replacement FitChip Download Cable $20.00
Replacement Batteries for FitChip $.95/battery

FitChip Prescription Golf Shafts

These Swing Frequency Matched graphite shafts are produced especially for Perfected Golf Group’s club building partners. They are manufactured especially for building custom clubs and provide a wider range of frequencies to build to (all frequencies including the Green Area) in the figure above and lengths for tipping outside the OEM (Red Area) standard off the shelf range. The cost is $35.00/shaft. Wood shafts are 51″ long, and iron shafts are 42″ long, each with 5″ of tip trimming capability. The driver frequency range will extend from 170 cpm to 320 cpm while the Iron frequency range will extend from 200 cpm to 380 cpm. From our thousands of fittings we find that only about 40% of the players fall within the red zone with about 30% falling in each of the Green zones.

Weight System

The FitChip Stand Alone Frequency Meter and simulated head weight system without washers weighs 197 grams (the equivalent of a Titanium Driver head). Washers can be added to the simulated head to match the weight of any clubhead. This weight system makes it convenient to test and tip trim shafts to custom frequency specifications for your customer. $39.50.

FitChip Universal Vice

This portable vice system compliments the FITCHIP Frequency Meter Models. As shown, the clamp adapts to many field-clamping situations on one side, while clamping to the club grip on the other side. $89.95.

Frequency Matched Demo Clubs

If you are fitting frequency-matched golf clubs, you need a well-controlled set of Demo Shafts. A set of Demo Shafts built at controlled frequency increments is an outstanding sales tool. When you have fit your customer with the FitChip and can immediately hand him a Demo Club, at his frequency, that shows him the improved results, your sale is assured. PGG will make up a Demo set of nineteen 5-iron shafts, nineteen Driver shafts and/or nineteen Hybrid shafts. These sets are made up on 8 cpm increments, allowing anyone to test a shaft that is within +/- 4 cpm of their specified frequency. We have found the +/- 4 CPM variable to be the maximum allowable tolerance to achieve improved results. The Shafts will be fitted with the new "CLUB-CONEX" system (test shafts usable for left or right-handed players) for connection to selected left or right-handed heads you wish to fit with this system.

  • Set of Nineteen Lotus 5 Iron Demo Shafts $893
  • Set of Nineteen Lotus 3 Hybrid Demo Shafts $893
  • Set of Nineteen Lotus Drivers Demo Shafts $893
  • You furnish up to four of your own Iron, Hybrid, and Driver clubheads for installation of the "CLUB-CONEX" adapters and use with the frequency tuned shafts that have "CLUB-CONEX" adaptors.